Thursday, 29 March 2012

Assignment #8 - Persecution

You have all been working diligently on your novel study assignments.  All of the novels show the trials and tribulations of a character and how he/she was treated unfairly.  Now that you have a better idea of what persecution is, I would like you to write about the type of persecution that occurred in your novel.  In your paragraph, make sure you explain the following:

1.)  What type of persecution occurred?
2.)  Who was affected and how was this person affected?
3.)  Who persecuted this person and why?
4.)  Why do you think this type of persecution was allowed to happen? 
5.)  If you could change what happened, what would you change and why?
6.)  How did it make you feel?  Explain in detail.  

*** Remember, these are just guidelines for your paragraph.  Don't forget to provide good support/examples/evidence for your points. ***
*** I fully expect you to write using proper spelling, grammar, capitals, sentence structure, etc. ***

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Assignment #7 - Critical Thinking

Have you ever read a novel and wanted to change something that happened in one of the chapters, or the outcome of the story?  If you answered yes to this question, then you are in luck!  This is your chance to change something from your novel.  Think back to what happened at the end of the story (or a specific section of your novel) and ask yourself these questions when rewriting it: 

1.) What would you change about the story?
2.) Why would you change it?
3.) How will the change affect the story?  
4.) Will it change the plot of the story drastically?  
5.) What questions do you have after changing what happened?  

Monday, 26 March 2012

Assignment #6 - Emotions

The very definition of persecution is to be treated unfairly or unjustly.  Your novel evoked many different emotions throughout the different chapters.  

1.) Choose one scene from the novel that clearly shows a form of persecution
2.) Explain which emotion(s) it evoked. 
3.) Also, explain how it made you feel.  

***You should respond in paragraph form following the criteria outlined in class.***

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Assignment #5 - Point of View (POV)

There are many elements to a story and you have learned quite a few of the terms this year.  Your assignment today is on 'POINTS OF VIEW'.  Read the following and complete #1-3.

a.) First Person POV - In a first-person narrative the story is told by a narrator who is also a character within the story, so that the narrator reveals the plot by referring to this viewpoint character as "I" (or, when plural, "we"). 
b.) Second Person POV - second-person narrative mode, in which the narrator refers to one of the characters as "you", therefore making the audience member feel as if he or she is a character within the story.
c.) Third Person POV - In the third-person narrative mode, each and every character is referred to by the narrator as "he", "she", "it", or "they", but never as "I" or "we" (first-person), or "you" (second-person).

1.) Read the notes and make sure you understand the different 'POINTS OF VIEW'.

2.)  Decide which point of view the author uses in the novel and explain why you chose it.  

2.) Give an example from the novel where the author uses the point of view that you chose.

Assignment #4 - Literary Elements

Today's literature circle assignment from class must be posted online.  Be sure to make edits/revisions to your first draft before posting. 

Explain the following in detail.  (Simple sentences will not be accepted - You will have to redo your work if you do not provide enough details.)
1.) Conflict (person vs self, person vs person, person vs nature, person vs society, person vs technology)  Do not simply list the type, you must provide details of it and a good explanation. 
2.) Setting - provide details of the time, place and location of the story.
3.) Protagonist - provide details of the character's personality, appearance, age, etc.
4.) Antagonist - provide details of the character's personality, appearance, age, etc.

*** As usual, don't forget that spelling, capitals, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, etc are all important. ***

Assignment #3 - Q.W.I.L.Q.

  Watch this video before posting your responses!  

You're probably wondering what Q.W.I.L.Q. is?  Well, let me explain....

Q - Choose a place in the chapter that confuses you and write a deep question/answer about it.
W - Choose a place where you said, "OH WOW!"  Explain why.
I -  Choose one phrase where a clear image is created.  (copy this and record the page number)
L - Choose an example of exquisite or interesting language, type out the sentence that you found it in,  explain what it means and why you chose it.
Q - Choose one quote from the chapter(s), explain it's significance and why you chose it.


Assignment #2 - Deep Questions

1.) Post 2 DEEP thinking questions & answers based on your literature circle discussions in class today.  Don't forget to phrase your question so it allows for several different answers/responses.  

2.) After you complete your work, answer 2 questions that other students have posted.  Remember, everyone will post different answers because you will be giving your opinions.  Be sure to provide a detailed answer to all questions you answer.  Don't forget to pay attention to your spelling, capitals, grammar, sentence structure, etc.  

*** If you use texting language, I will ask you to redo your assignment***